Simming La Vida Loca! The Mag   came out for three issues only, but it still kicks ass. Design, imagery, production, interviews, edition, even the ads, made by Jarn. Latest Flash player required. Click on the mag to see it in full screen.

Launch Issue: Carenado’s Mooney X – Aerosoft’s Piper Cheyenne x – FranceVFR’s Côte d’Azur – Ground Environment X REDUX – Aerosoft’s Twin Otter X – Ultimate Terrain Europe X – Aimé Leclerc’s free textures for the Grand Canyon – Review of “Porco Rosso”.
Issue 02: The Nemeth Brothers – “Koorby” Venema and FTX – Alphasim’s Long EZ – Building a real Long EZ and living to tell – RealAir’s Spitfire – Hi-res VC textures for Carenado’s Mooney – Review of “Hell’s Angels”.
Issue 03: Aerosoft’s Racer H-1 – Leonardo’s MADDOG – Carenado’s Oldies Goldies – Alphasim’s Black Shark – FTX’s AU-GOLD & YMML – Review of “Air America”.

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